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ISBN: 9789814901499 (Paperback), 9789814901499 (Autographed)

Cover Type: Paperback

Page Count: 245

Year Published: 2020

Size: 198mm x 129mm

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Funeral director and life celebrant Angjolie Mei, one of the very few women in the male-dominated industry, shares her stories and experiences in dealing with the dead—or rather, as she would put it, "People who have completed their life journeys." Be prepared to see funerals and death in a very different light. In this second edition, two new chapters have been added: one relating to the COVID-19 global pandemic and how it has affected funerals—and the industry as a whole; and another on Showers of Love, a sanctuary where family members can join in the process of preparing their loved ones for their final journeys. Find out about the inspiration behind this concept, and how it has provided families and visitors to grieve, and heal.

Why would someone leave a shining career in management to work among the dead?

Angjolie Mei, funeral director and "life celebrant", recounts how the death of her father—a veteran known as ‘The Coffin King’ in the funeral industry—prompted this dramatic choice.      

What exactly happens during embalming? What kind of post-death restoration is needed for second-degree burn victims? What are the little-known facts surrounding suicide in Singapore?

Angjolie offers the insider’s view on these and other aspects of an industry usually shrouded in mystery, and reflects on how her perceptions of death, and life, have changed since she chose this extraordinary profession.